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Medium Truck Tires

Transport and trailer tires should be balanced for the same reasons as passenger cars - to:

  • eliminate vibrations
  • give a smoother ride
  • improve tread wear
  • maximize mileage
  • reduce vehicle maintenance costs

The cost of balancing Medium Truck Tires with fixed wheel weights can become prohibitive because fixed weights require tires to be re-balanced at regular intervals.

With Magnum Plus, all truck tires can be efficiently balanced for the life of each tire because Magnum Plus does not wear out, and can be re-used in retread tires. 

Steer tires benefit the most from being balanced, and balancing drive tires will help to eliminate many possible causes of vibration in drive tire assemblies. 

Trailer tires also benefit greatly from Magnum Plus, since a balanced tire greatly improves trailer tire tread life.

Light Truck Tires

Many light trucks operate in a variety of conditions, both on and off the road. For these, Magnum Plus is especially suitable, since a fixed weight balance can often be ineffective on a vehicle going from asphalt to mud and back.

Magnum Plus works in these conditions, because the micro beads simply re-adjust their position according to the new conditions.

Magnum Plus comes in INSERT™ bags that can be easily installed by hand when a tire is being mounted. Just check the Application Chart for the correct size of Magnum Plus to use, and place the INSERT™ bag into the tire during installation. The bag will break open as soon as the vehicle goes down the road, and the Magnum Plus will be activated.

Magnum Plus is not recommended for high performance tires.

Other Applications

Magnum Plus can help balance many sizes of tires not listed on our Application Chart. For tire sizes not listed, we suggest using approximately 60 grams per 10 kgs of tire weight.

For specific applications, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Quick Fact Sheet

Magnum Plus Tire Balancing Compound:

  • Lasts for the lifetime of the tire
  • Is easy to install
  • Constantly adapts to wear and tear
  • Doesn't need to be rebalanced
  • Is TPMS compatible
  • Can be re-used in trailer tires